Sometimes life brings opportunities out of the blue, and suddenly everything changes.

And that’s how it was for us. Conversations in 2004 between three women – who barely knew each other but felt somehow connected – started something that could not be stopped. Those conversations were soon backed by action, and the three women together founded a company that they believed could change the world. By mid-2005, Y natural skincare was on the shelves and was being purchased by people with a discerning eye for authenticity, luxury and results.

Over a decade after those initial conversations, Co-founder Barbara Gare is at the helm of Y natural, staying true to the foundation of science and innovation created by the original team, all of whom remain shareholders in the business.

Barbara Gare has an MBA from the Adelaide Graduate School of Business, undertaken as the 1998 winner of the prestigious Guy Lloyd Scholarship. Her MBA, BSc Honours (Geology, Zoology, Botany and Genetics) and studies for a BA (Chinese, German, Spanish and International Studies) were also undertaken at the University of Adelaide.

After working in a diversity of fields ranging from geophysics to mathematics to innovation in new media, Barbara shifted her focus to the beauty industry. With her two business partners, she co-founded this company in Adelaide, South Australia, with the intention of taking Y natural to the world.

Not known for doing things half-heartedly, for many years Barbara competed in Rogaining, a sport in which she’d run and navigate cross country for 24 hours, winning the World Rogaining Championships (mixed division) in 1992. She’s still on her feet, now training for her next ultramarathon. This focus, determination and stamina has in many ways become a defining characteristic not only of Barbara, but of our business.