Over the first weekend in April, Y natural and Bellarosa Yoga hosted their first wellness retreat. Our retreat, known as the Y-time Retreat, was a memorable weekend filled with the three Rs, relaxation, reflection, and rejuvenation. 

Arriving Friday afternoon to the scenic Walker Flat waterfront home, our guests were first treated to a spot of afternoon tea, this was an opportunity for our guests to settle in and become acquainted with one another. Following afternoon tea, some of our guests took part in a variety of personal wellness experiences, such as reading and walking. Our guests were also treated to a relaxing Y natural essentials facial. This not only gave our guests the opportunity to relax but also the opportunity to refresh their product knowledge and take some time for themselves and to reflect. The products that our guests got to be reacquainted with, were the ones suitable for a normal and dry mature skin profile, this included our 101 LUXURY Cleansing Lotion, 200 BUFF Marine Skin Polish, 301 GENTLE Rose Otto and Hibiscus Clay Mask, 400 GRACE Organic Skin Conditioner, 501 PROTECT Anti-Age Moisturiser, 600 SMOOTH Anti-Age Serum, 601 NOURISH LUXURY Treatment, as well as our 602 RESTORE Hydrating and Firming Treatment Gel. However, we always cater to everyone’s individual needs and ensure that our facials benefit the skin care needs of each customer.

The guests then got to witness the sunset while they partook in Vinyasa yoga, followed by a nutritious dinner of cauliflower and leek soup, as well as pumpkin and cannellini bean salad, which was topped off with some mouth-watering vegan cupcakes from Nathan Bakes, located on Grenfell Street in the city.

Our guests rose early Saturday morning and began the day by taking part in some gentle yoga to awaken the body and the senses. This gave our guests the opportunity to bring to mind a personal intention that they could reflect on throughout yoga and across the weekend. Following yoga, our guests were able to nourish their bodies through a filling breakfast. They then adjourned for some more personal time where guests could hike, walk, read, meditate, or participate in a one hour Y natural essentials facial. This was followed by a delicious lunch where guests indulged in marinated tofu and vegetable cold rolls.

This would then be followed by a spot of Vinyasa yoga, which gave our guests the chance to wind down after an eventful day filled with rejuvenating and reflective activities. Guests were surprised by jumping aboard a boat and enjoying more of the picturesque Walker Flat from on the water. They entered the main dining area and enjoyed a delicious gluten-free vegetable lasagne and a chocolate berry chia pudding. Guests were then left enlightened by a Y natural workshop where guests learned more about who we are as a brand and discussed how important the relationships we have fostered with our customers through our brand.

On the final morning of our retreat, guests had another early start where they took part in some more gentle yoga on the grass and overlooking the river. This was then followed by breakfast and yet more personal wellness time, where guests were given the opportunity to reflect and restore one last time before returning home. They were then treated to one last meal to finish off the retreat.

Y natural’s Y-time retreat gave our guests the opportunity to take some time for themselves, reflect, and focus on their wellbeing. It was also the opportunity to become acquainted with some new faces and perhaps make some new friends who share the same passion for wellbeing.


If you would like to take part in Y natural’s Winter wellness retreat at the end of August, be sure to contact Belle at customercare@ynatural.com.au to register your interest. 

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