Look no further! We have the perfect gift!

It’s a gift of true luxury in every sense. At Y natural, we understand that luxury is much more complex that simply being about the money we spend. It’s about the time we spend.

Imagine. A small but immaculately presented gift to open on Mother’s Day – fragrant bath salts of the finest quality. So the First Luxury is the pure indulgence of a long relaxing soak while enjoying the beautiful citrus aroma of Lemon Myrtle and other gorgeous organic essential oils.

And this is but the hint of the Main Event… In a crisp, quality envelope is a voucher for a gorgeous time of skin indulgence at Y natural. This is the Second Luxury. Your choice of three different fabulous options, any of which would be a beautiful experience and escape from the pressures of the world.

At the conclusion, we will also have ready an additional gift, beautifully wrapped, to surprise and delight – the Third Luxury.

And if the container from the bathsalts has been brought along, we will refill the container with our specially blended bathsalts, so that there is a Fourth Luxury to take home and enjoy another day.

We also invite you to share in the luxury. That’s right. We will give YOU a complimentary 30 minute facial (or one hour, in the case of the DECADENCE package) so that you too can experience the luxury of time spent with Y natural. This is the Fifth Luxury. Because we know you deserve something special too.

For details, look at our page on our three Mother’s Day Luxury Packages: DEFINITIVE, DELUXE and DECADENCE. Each of these packages contains extras that mean in total, the value is actually more than 65% greater than the package cost. What an amazing gift!

This offer is strictly limited. Offer ends midnight 10 May 2015.

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