From the moment Gemma and Mac wagged their hello, I knew I was in for something sweet, and rare.

The unconditional ooh-we-think-you’re-fabulous wag of their tails (the adoration only dogs can endow with unrestrained sincerity) was the perfect entrée to an experience that would have me floating for days.

I stopped for a pat ‘n’ chat with my new blonde buddies before stepping inside to meet Y Natural’s Alison and Barbara.

There was no being whisked away to a white space. No, there is nothing clinical or dispassionate about Y Natural. We enjoyed a chat and leisurely made our way to the treatment room, a cosy, dimly lit and fragrant space adorned with the most beautiful, original aboriginal artwork, and Diana Krall melting through the speaker system.

After selecting a gown – warm and fluffy or cotton cool – I sipped herbal tea while my feet soaked in warm water, rose buds and lavender. The pedicure was almost secondary to the conversation with Alison, Y Natural’s beauty therapist (and more), a lovely soul.

From there, I received a full body exfoliation and mud mask. I was cocooned in fluffy towels while the mask went to work and I received a deluxe facial. (At this point, things get a little fuzzy in my memory as I’d drifted in and out of sleep, but I know it was good because my skin felt soft, smooth and beautiful.)

On waking, the cocoon was unwrapped and the mask removed. I took a seat in my fluffy gown while Alison laid fresh towels, whereupon I received a beautiful moisturising massage to finish off what was, undoubtedly, a treat that can’t be beat!

It was the most thoughtful and exquisite gift from three dear friends. Three hours of certified organic, good-for-the-mind-body-and-soul bliss.

Tia xx

This guest blog post was written by Tia Psaras, who was given the gift of a Y natural DECADENCE Day Spa Experience as a special gift from three friends who know she loves her Y natural products. Tia has been a Y natural customer for a couple of years now and we love and appreciate her passion for what we do. Thank you so much for your kind words, Tia! We are very happy that you loved this time with us and look forward to seeing you again soon.  With warmest withes from all of us here at Y natural  xo

We would also love to say a big THANK YOU to Tia’s friends for giving Tia this beautiful gift. If you want to know about the DECADENCE Day Spa treatment, please look here.

And for those curious about Gemma and Mac, we have attached a photo (below). They drop by regularly and hang out a while, go to the beach, come back and generally spend their time being adorable. They’d love to see you, especially if you bring snacks 🙂

gemma and mac at Y

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