‘Who is the Y Woman?’, is a monthly tribute to the women who support us and use our brand. We hope by telling their stories, you will get a sense of why these inspire and empower us.  

Belinda ‘Belle’ Arjona 

A fully qualified Yoga instructor and early childhood educator, it is clear that Belinda Arjona has quite the knack for teaching people. Belle’s teaching career started back in 2003 when she began teaching junior primary. After eighteen years of teaching at a number of primary schools and early learning centres, Belle’s life would be taken on a completely different journey when she decided to pursue her passion for holistic health.

Belle’s passion for yoga and holistic health dates back to her university days when she began attending Iyengar Yoga in Glenelg. Not only did Belle feel restored and renewed after each class, but she also felt as if she developed a deeper connection with her mind, body and soul. After trying out a number of different classes around Adelaide, Belle went on to study a number of Yoga styles, including, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Mindfulness, Children’s Yoga, and Yoga therapy.

Belle began pursuing Yoga on a full-time basis when she founded Bellarosa Yoga. Doing what she loves full time, gives Belle the ability to support people in their personal endeavours, in order to help them discover a more healthier and holistic way forward. It gives Belle the opportunity to focus on her own wellbeing, as well as giving quality time to her students and helping them with their wellbeing.

Belle’s holistic journey brought her to Y natural in 2013, when she was introduced to Barbara Gare. Belle has been using Y natural products ever since that encounter and in 2018 Belle reconnected with Barbara once again. After reconnecting, Belle joined the Y natural team as a Customer Care Consultant.

Belle and Y natural is a match made in heaven. For Belle, Y natural combines many of her passions and beliefs into one. Having jumped at the opportunity to join Barbara as part of the Y natural team, Belle feels privileged to work for a company with values that mirror her own. A company that is also incredibly dedicated to supporting skin and hair needs of its customers, as naturally and as ethically possible.

When Belle isn’t working at Y natural or teaching at Bellarosa Yoga, she unwinds by spending time with friends, going for scenic drives, reading, cooking, jogging, as well as spending time with her fur-children, an eleven-year-old Spoodle named Bailey and a two-year-old Labradoodle named Oakley.

Belle doing what she loves hasn’t come without its sacrifices, as she gave up fulltime permanent employment and a regular salary. However, the ability to flow with the natural rhythm of life and have the courage to follow a path on her terms completely outweighs the sacrifices she has made.

Belinda’ Skincare Snapshot

Much like Yoga, a skin care routine provides Belle with a sense of wellbeing. The Y natural products Belle uses include…

102 CLEAN Foaming Cleanser

200 BUFF Marine Skin Polish 

301 GENTLE Rose Otto & Hibiscus Mask 

400 GRACE Rose Otto & Aloe Skin Conditioner 

502 HYDRATE Antioxidant Moisturiser 

600 SMOOTH Anti-Age Serum 

602 RESTORE Hydrating & Firming Treatment

603 Balance Organic Jojoba 

700 SOFT Hand & Body Lotion 

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