Our signature ingredient is Bulgarian Rose Otto, which is widely believed to be the single-best oil for skin in existence.

Have you heard of the gorgeous French perfume called Joy by Jean Patou? The reason it’s known as ‘the costliest fragrance on earth’ is because it contains Bulgarian Rose Otto.

The fragrance is amazing – quite different to the super sweet synthetic rose perfume, instead being the gorgeous lush aroma of the true Queen of Roses. There’s romance and seduction in the legend behind Bulgarian Rose Otto, when, many centuries ago, an Ottoman Prince filled the moats around his castle with rose petals to woo his bride on their wedding day. Circling the palace in the bridal vessel, the bride noticed a fragrant film of rose attar (or otto) on the water.  From that time on, roses have been the symbol and expression of love.

Bulgarian Rose Otto has many wonderful properties and is beneficial for all skin types.  It calms and soothes dry or irritated skin, reduces cupreous veins (small, dilated winding bright red blood vessels) and broken capillary skin conditions. It’s antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, moisturising and regenerative.

Bulgarian Rose Otto helps promote overall well being. It’s known for being soothing and anti-depressant, for uplifting the spirit to give a sense of wellbeing, and for gently stimulating the heart, circulation and concentration.

You might be thinking aha, well, I’ll keep using lots of rose oil then. And there are plenty of different rose oils. BUT oils ain’t oils. Bulgarian Rose Otto is one of very few rose oils – perhaps the only one – that is extracted without using petrochemical solvents. Being steam distilled, Bulgarian Rose Otto is incredibly pure. For each litre of Bulgarian Rose Otto that they distill, they need about five tons – yes TONS – of Certified Organic roses, which explains why it costs more per ounce than gold!

We feature this in many of our products, and we hope you come to love it as we do.

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