Most of us have had experience with acne at some point in our lives. Whether it’s a few spots at that time of the month or full-blown continuous breakouts, acne isn’t fun to deal with. Not only can it irritate you and skin, but it can also be somewhat shattering to one’s self-esteem, especially to those it tends to affect the most, teenagers. Teenagers are already going through a lot, so the emotional toll of acne can not only affect a teen’s outlook on life but even their social engagement,  and school performance. It’s no wonder that teenagers and even their parents can resort to drastic measures in an attempt to eradicate their acne. As adults, I know some of us are likely to engage in the same bad habits out of desperation when our faces start to spot. So here is what NOT to do when you have acne.

Don’t touch


Despite how tempting and satisfying it is to pop your pimples, this is perhaps the golden rule when you have acne. Popping and picking your acne can not only make it take longer to heal, but it can also lead to scarring. Not to mention, touching or popping your acne is slightly counterproductive, as you’re touching it with your hands which touch all types of anomalies each and every day. So essentially, your transferring pollutants from your hands to your face which can get stuck in your pores and can ultimately lead to more spots.

Avoid putting on too much makeup

When you have acne, the first instinct for many to cover it up with makeup. While we’re not saying that you have to go completely makeup-free, it’s good to let your acne breathe. This is because makeup can get stuck in your pores and can make it difficult for them to naturally clean themselves. So whether you have acne or not, aim for the less is more mentality, and ALWAYS cleanse the makeup off your face before you go to bed, because prevent further breakouts.

Don’t be careless with your hair care

Pay extra-special care to your hair care regimen when you have acne, as it could make it worse. Avoid contact with the face when you are applying hair care products, as some products contain oil which may end up clogging your pores and causing further trouble. Perhaps even aim to avoid products containing oil during this time and ensure that you aren’t leaving too much time in between washes, as oily hair can lead to an oily face. If you don’t have the time to wash your hair every day during these periods, style your hair into an up-do to avoid it getting into contact with your face.

Don’t apply toothpaste 

While some kinds of toothpaste may help dry out pimples, some can just trigger acne, so save the toothpaste for your teeth. This pimple popping trick that has been passed on for generations can irritate the skin, or even cause an allergic reaction due to the fluoride and teeth whitening ingredients present in toothpaste. Your teeth are not as sensitive as your delicate skin, let alone skin that is irritated and inflamed due to acne.

So, now that we have discussed what you shouldn’t do when you have acne, here are some tips of what you should do. 

The first thing to do when you have an acne flare-up is to keep your head up high. Yes, acne is annoying and can make you feel bad sometimes, but, just remember that everyone gets it at some point in their lives. Ensure that you are cleansing your face each and every day, this will remove makeup, dirt, oil, and any impurities from the skin that could lead to further breakouts. You should also ensure that you are changing your face towels often, as dirty face towels will simply put pollutants back onto your face.

If you think moisturiser will do more harm than good, think again. Dry skin can lead to an overproduction of oil, which could lead to more acne. A moisturiser will not only re-balance the oil glands, but it could also keep acne under control and improve healing.

Another DO when prone to acne, is to ensure that you go makeup-free when working out. This is because when the sweat leaks out of your pores during exercise (sexy), it cannot drip off our faces if there is makeup in the way clogging our pores. Makeup and sweat trapped in your pores can become like a breeding ground for bacteria and blemishes. This is the same reason you should always wash your face after hitting the gym.

Y natural products ideal for acne

102 CLEAN Foaming Cleanser 

Made from Rosalina hydrosol and Lavender essential oil, which both have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, soothing, and astringent properties. 102 CLEAN effectively cleanses the skin without stripping it of its protective oils altogether, leaving it smooth and fresh. Thanks to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, 102 is ideal for problem skin that is prone blemishes like acne, clogged pores, as well as shaving rash.

403 REFINE Organic Skin Conditioner 

This skin conditioner will ensure that you never go back to your old fashioned toner ever again. Containing Rosalina, Niaouli, and Lemon Scented Tea Tree oils, 403 REFINE is made from ingredients that are recognised for their anti-bacterial, mildly antiseptic and astringent benefits.  Intended for those that are prone to breakouts and problem skin, 403 REFINE will also help clarify, refine, cleanse, soothe, and ensure that you get the best results from your other skin care products.

502 HYDRATE Antioxidant Moisturiser 

Ideal for oily skin, 502 HYDRATE clears, hydrates, and protects the skin, keeping it soft as well as moist for hours. Made from Ginko Bilboa, rosemary leaf, olive leaf, and green tea, which protects the skin from free radicals and other environmental factors that cause cell damage. 502 HYDRATE also may have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and astringent properties that help soothe and protect the skin, thanks to some of it’s incredible all natural ingredients.

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