With their vibrant appearance and alluring fragrance, Hibiscus flowers are somewhat reminiscent of a tropical holiday. Originating in Asia and the Pacific Islands, Hibiscus flowers not only look and smell stunning, but they’re also potentially very beneficial for your skin and hair. So here are some reasons why we love Hibiscus flowers here at Y natural.

Hibiscus may help unblock and clear your pores 

Hibiscus has natural surfactants that may aid in gently cleansing, removing dirt, oil, and other pollutants that get clogged up in the skin’s pores leading to all kinds of breakouts and blemishes. Hibiscus will gently wash these pollutants away without drying out the skin and stripping it of its natural oils.

Hibiscus may help improve overall skin health 

High in citric acid, hibiscus may help accelerate skin synthesis, which may be helpful for those who struggle with hyperpigmentation. The citric acid present in Hibiscus may also help reverse the damage caused by UV exposure and oxidation from those nasty free radicals.

Hibiscus may help slow down the effects of ageing 

The antioxidants present in Hibiscus may not only act as a pore-reducing agent, but they may also be used as an exfoliator that gently removes dead skin cells, giving the skin a smoother and more supple appearance. The antioxidants present in Hibiscus may also be effective in moisturising the skin, providing it with the nutrients that it needs to thrive.

Hibiscus may help improve overall hair and scalp health 

Not only potentially hydrating the keratin fibres of the hair, but the antioxidants present in Hibiscus may also aid in removing the dirt and chemicals that are known to cause brittle hair as well as split ends. Hibiscus also contains amino acids which may also add strength and elasticity to the hair. The citric acid and antioxidants in Hibiscus may also regulate the pH level on the scalp, lowering the possibility of excess sebum, as excess sebum can lead to an oily scalp, dandruff, and itchiness.

Hibiscus may help hair become more manageable 

Hibiscus also produces Mucilage, a thick-grey substance that is used for storing water within the flower. Mucilage is immensely hydrating,  therefore it could be used as a potential detangling agent, which could make the hair somewhat more manageable. Mucilage may also have the ability to turn Hibiscus into somewhat of a conditioner, leaving your hair looking silky and smooth.

With so many potential benefits for the skin and hair, it’s no wonder you’ll find Hibiscus extract in a variety of our products including, the 301 GENTLE Rose and Hibiscus Mask and 600 SMOOTH Anti-Age Serum.

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