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101 LUXURY Cleansing Lotion

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Organic Rosehip, Jojoba and Safflower oils gently remove makeup and surface pollutants, while the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of Calendula, Rose Otto and Rosewood essential oils are soothing on dry or mature skin.

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Rich yet gentle, we believe 101 LUXURY is the most luxurious cleansing lotion in the world.  Organic Rosehip, Jojoba and Safflower oils gently remove makeup and surface pollutants while maintaining the skin’s natural sebum and pH balance.

Featuring Bulgarian Rose Otto for its anti-inflammatory, moisturising and regenerative action. Calms and soothes dry or irritated skin and reduces the appearance of small red blood vessels and broken capillary skin conditions.  101 LUXURY also contains Calendula, known for promoting skin repair, and Rosewood essential oil with regenerative, calming properties.

Of particular value in the fight against the signs of ageing is Rosehip oil, sometimes referred to as the “anti-age” oil.  It is very rich in Vitamin C, a powerful, natural antioxidant known to promote cell growth. Wheatgerm oil (rich in Vitamin E) and carrot oil (rich in pro-vitamin A and widely used in wrinkle treatments) provide additional antioxidant protection from pollutants and impurities.

  1. Lightly apply to dampened skin, massage, then splash away with lukewarm water or cotton pads.
  2. Pat dry.
  3. Follow with 400 GRACE Organic Skin Conditioner and 501 PROTECT Anti-Age Moisturiser (morning) or 601 NOURISH Luxury Treatment (evening).

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