102 CLEAN Foaming Cleanser

$48.00 (inc GST)

Featuring Rosalina and Lavender essential oils, this brilliant foaming cleanser will help gently remove dirt, dust, makeup and other pollutants without stripping skin of its protective oils. 102 CLEAN will help clear and clarify normal, combination or oily skin. People prone to congestion, clogged pores and break-outs will likely be especially delighted with the results.

TIP for blade shaving men: 102 CLEAN is a natural alternative to shaving cream, allowing your razor to glide effortlessly over the skin, while also helping to diminish razor rash and irritation.


102 CLEAN effectively cleanses the skin without stripping away its protective oils. It’s dramatically different to most foaming cleansers on the market – instead of petrochemicals and synthetics, we use plant sugars to create the rich, creamy foam that cleanses so gently.

Rosalina and Lavender provide gently astringent, antiseptic and soothing benefits. Lavender is anti-inflammatory and soothing, and has a balancing effect for a range of skin conditions. The natural antiseptic benefits and healing properties for which so many of our ingredients are known, make this product particularly suitable for skin prone to blemishes, clogged pores, acne or shaving rash.

102 CLEAN can be used also be used as a baby wash, as it has no harsh chemicals and its gentle pH is similar to a baby’s skin. Just a drop added to a baby bath of warm water is all you need to wash your baby’s delicate skin and hair.

Although 102 CLEAN was created for youthful skin that tends to have more natural oil, many people with dry skin have found it helpful while they deal with breakouts or the dreaded curse of adult acne. Please rest assured that this cleanser is gentle enough to use even if your skin profile is typically more dry or sensitive. It’s an absolute must-have for skin that’s out of balance.

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Purified water, Decyl and lauryl glucosides, Rosalina hydrosol, Certified Organic Jojoba, Certified Organic Glycerine, Natural fragrance, Certified Organic Wheatgerm oil, Xanthan gum, Certified Organic Rosalina essential oil, Certified Organic Lavender essential oil, Certifed Organic Nettle Herbal extract, Yarrow oil, Certified Organic Cypress extract and Citric acid

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