Ingredients To Avoid Card

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Here’s a business-card size cheat sheet with some tips to help you spot ingredients that are – on balance – better avoided. We’re not advocating paranoia – we’re pointing out that there’s really no reason to be using these ingredients when there are perfectly good, clean and sustainable alternatives freely available… This card helps make it easy for you.


Stash this card in your wallet and refer to it next time you want to stock up. It gives a handy list on spotting ingredients that you’re better to avoid.

Some of the ingredients we’ve pointed out are well known for a range of concerns. They may be carcinogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic, irritant, polluting and/or problematic in some other way. For some, the problems are so well recognised that it beggars belief that they’re even used these days, and some are indicators for greenwashing by brands who are trying to pretend to be more natural / organic than they really are. Others are somewhere in between.

Overall, making choices that eliminate the things we’ve listed will mean that you’ve done something positive for your body and/or the environment. So go on – it’s easy!

BTW if you’re interested in learning more, get in touch with us. We do workshops from time to time and would love you to come join us!

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