1000 RADICAL H2O Activated Shampoo

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Made from an exclusive blend of natural and certified organic ingredients including the aromatic Lemon Myrtle, Mandarin, Green Tea and Geranium essential oil in a gentle, non-chemical glucoside base. 1000 RADICAL H2o Activated Shampoo cleanses, strengthens and nourishes all kinds of hair types-leaving your hair feeling fresh and looking strong in no time.

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Made from an exclusive blend of natural and certified organic ingredients in a gentle, non-chemical plant-sugar base that is suitable for everyday use, the uber organic 10000 RADICAL is one most natural salon-quality hair shampoos in the world.

This product has been specially formulated to be consistent with research indicating that big bubbly foams are not essential, and may in fact hinder effective cleaning.  Which is why 1000 RADICAL is free of sulphates, betaines and other petrochemical or ethoxylated ingredients.

Being free of these chemicals brings the important additional benefit that 1000 RADICAL is free of the risk of contamination by 1,4-dioxane and the other carcinogens and mutagens with which such chemicals may be tainted.

1000 RADICAL’s gentle cleaning action is water activated, making it completely different from other shampoos on the market.

Receive 1000 RADICAL along with 1100 RESPOND Adaptive Conditioner and 1200 REHAB Recovery Treatment when you purchase the haircare bundle, the Essential Haircare Collection.

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