1100 RESPOND Adaptive Conditioner

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Created by hair professionals, 1100 RESPOND contains certified organic oils, certified organic herbal extracts and certified organic essential oils to nourish and restore hair.  The result is strong hair that is über-silky, shiny and smooth. Now back in it’s original 150 mL size!

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Certified organic oils, herbal extracts and essential oils nourish and restore condition, leaving hair über-silky, shiny, strong and smooth.  The non-GMO rapeseed-based detangling agent immediately softens the hair, allowing hair to untangle effortlessly in seconds.

Dry and parched hair is nourished from the certified organic oils and herbal extracts.  Amino peptides from wheat add strength to weakened or chemically damaged hair, and have powerful water binding qualities to help moisturise hair.  Enjoy the fresh scent of lemon myrtle, rosehip, calendula, mandarin, geranium and other delicious ingredients.

1100 RESPOND is free of the health worries that accompany the use of synthetic chemicals, petrochemicals and other undesirable ingredients.  This brings the important additional benefit that 1100 RESPOND is free of the risk of contamination by `1,4-dioxin and the other carcinogens and mutagens with which such chemicals may be tainted.

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