1200 REHAB Recovery Treatment for Hair

$30.00 (inc GST)

If your hair is suffering from too much heat-styling, colouring and other substance abuse, you need the salon-quality 1200 REHAB! This 100% natural salon-quality treatment will not only help strengthen up weakened hair but it will also help to lock-in moisture, leaving your hair feeling and looking uber silky, smooth and soft.


There’s no need to make an appointment at the salon with this spectacular treatment!

Completely chemical-free, this professional-grade hair treatment uses wheat-chain amino acids that provide cross-linkages to help strengthen porous or damaged hair that has become weakened due to too much colouring and heat-styling.

Carefully selected herbal extracts also provide 1200 REHAB with powerful moisture-binding qualities that will keep the hair feeling hydrated and refreshed.

The pinnacle of luxury for your hair, 1200 REHAB is made from Bulgarian Rose Otto, Amino peptides, Comfrey, Calendula, Green Tea, Arnica, Horsetail and other stunning organic oils, essential oils and extracts that will help provide you with beautiful, silky and healthy hair.

Save $20 by purchasing 1200 REHAB in our Haircare Bundle with our 1000 RADICAL H20 Activated Shampoo and 1100 RESPOND Adaptive Conditioner 

PLEASE NOTE: Do not use more than once a month unless otherwise advised by a qualified hairdresser. 1200 REHAB is a protein-rich treatment and therefore, instructions must be followed to ensure that you achieve the best results from your hair.




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