1200 REHAB Recovery Treatment for Hair

$30.00 (inc GST)

If your hair is suffering from too much heat-styling, colouring and other substance abuse, you need rehab… Y natural’s 1200 REHAB, that is! This salon-quality treatment is packed with organic gorgeousness, with amino peptides to help strengthen hair and lock in moisture, leaving your hair feeling and looking silky, smooth and soft. 1200 REHAB features precious Bulgarian Rose Otto and with Comfrey, Calendula, Green Tea, Arnica, Horsetail and other wonderful organic oils, essential oils and extracts for beautiful, silky and healthy hair.


Any one of the impressive array of extracts, oils and essential oils in 1200 REHAB is brilliant for hair – but put all of them together and the result is simply stunning. For example, Horsetail Extract is high is silica which is known to be beneficial for hair, bones, nails and teeth. Arnica Extract is widely known to have a vast array of properties including antiseptic, astringent, anti-microbial, healing and stimulating benefits. Macadamia oil has the highest concentration of palmitoleic acid and is highly emollient to promote excellent hair conditioning and hair suppleness. Sesame Oil is rich in Vitamin E (a powerful, natural antioxidant) and Sesamol to impart excellent softening and emollient benefits to the hair. And this is just the start! There’s just so much to love about this incredible treatment.

PLEASE NOTE: 1200 REHAB is a professional-grade hair treatment that uses amino peptides to help strengthen porous or damaged hair that has become weakened due to too much colouring and heat-styling. There’s real science to this and for best results it’s important to follow instructions carefully. It’s really easy to think well, if a little is wonderful, a lot is going to be even better... No! Adding a little extra strength is wonderful for repair, helping to limit damage and helping hair become supple and flexible, but adding a lot may risk hair losing its flexibility and becoming brittle. So please, use 1200 REHAB just once each month unless otherwise advised by a qualified hairdresser. Spread out the benefits and pleasure of using this gorgeous product over several months and give your hair the best chance to look the best it ever has!


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