Essential Haircare Collection

$90.00 (inc GST)

Save $20 by purchasing your haircare as a bundle!

The Essential Haircare Collection features 1000 RADICAL Activated Shampoo, 1100 RESPOND Adaptive Conditioner and the 1200 REHAB Recovery Treatment, the only three products you’ll need to keep your hair healthy and looking gorgeous.



Save $20 when you purchase 1000 RADICAL, 1100 RESPOND and 1200 REHAB in our Essential Haircare Collection


Containing variety of natural ingredients including Lemon Myrtle, Mandarin and Geranium, it’s no wonder this shampoo smells so wonderful! Unlike most shampoos which use petrochemicals to create bubbles, this brilliant shampoo uses plant sugars to create a rich creamy foam to gently and effectively cleanse hair and rinse clean away. With the added bonus of amino acids to help strengthen hair, there’s just so much to love about this genius shampoo.


You’ll love this this conditioner from the first whiff of the alluring aromas of Lemon Myrtle, Mandarine, and Geranium. Featuring a non-GMO rapeseed-based detangling agent, 1100 RESPOND immediately softens the hair, allowing it to untangle effortlessly in seconds. Containing a myriad of beneficial extracts and essential oils plus amino acids to strengthen, we know of nothing on the market to match how this brilliant conditioner leaves your hair extra smooth, shiny, silky and strong.


This extraordinary treatment features  wheat amino acids to provide structural cross-linkages to help strengthen weakened or chemically damaged hair, whilst carefully selected herbal extracts add powerful and balanced moisture-binding qualities that will leave the hair feeling hydrated and refreshed.

PLEASE NOTE: 1200 REHAB is a protein-rich product and therefore should only be used once per month unless advised otherwise by a qualified hairdresser. It’s important that you follow the directions for use. For more information, look here.


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