Essential Hydration Collection

$147.00 (inc GST)

Living in the driest state on the driest continent, we know all about the importance of hydration. Which is why we’re giving you the Essential Hydration Collection. Featuring 602 RESTORE Hydrating and Treatment Gel, the 601 NOURISH Luxury Treatment along with a complimentary 50ml bottle of 200 BUFF Marine Skin Polish this collection will help to nourish, fortify, protect, firm and most importantly, hydrate. This collection is particularly ideal for the Summer where dirt, dust, sweat and the radiant heat can wreak havoc in the skin.


The Essential Hydration Collection features the following products:

601 NOURISH Luxury Treatment

Featuring some of the most decadent natural oils in the world including Jojoba, Frankincense, Myrrh, Rosalina Hydrosol and the Aussie native Macadamia nut oil. This gentle night treatment which is rich in essential vitamins will help to nourish, tone, fortify and replenish the skin’s sebum levels. Leaving you with a soft, moist and dewy surface.

602 RESTORE Hydrating & Firming Gel

Featuring Kakadu Plum, Sneezeweed and Flame Tree, three Aussie natives which have been used by Aboriginal people in traditional bush medicine for centuries. 602 RESTORE will help to nourish, rejuvenate, firm and hydrate the skin-particularly during the scorching summer months and the incredibly drying winter months.

200 BUFF Marine Skin Polish (complimentary 50ml bottle)

Containing Fucus, which is a marine extract, this 100% natural microbead-free exfoliator will help detoxify the skin’s cells, whilst also purifying, vitalising, and brightening the skin’s complexion. 200 BUFF Marine Skin Polish will have your skin looking clean and fresh.


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