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Exquisite Gift Soaps

$88.00 (inc GST)

ORDER NOW! Beautiful gifts for Christmas, some love hearts for Valentines Day or a gift for a baby due over the coming months, ‘thank-you-for-having-me’ gifts… Your choice of 6 sets of feet, or 6 hearts. Please note that your order will be tailor made for you and therefore please factor in 8 weeks before delivery, because these exquisite treasures will need time to cure. It’s important to read all the details provided below, and be fast – this offer is for a limited time only!


Hello lovely friends, we shared recently that we’d made some more of our beautiful soaps with lush ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, shea nut butter, cocoa butter, chamomile, calendula, mandarin and other organic deliciousness.

We made some of the soaps as feet, some as hearts. We’ve had a few requests so we’ll make more – but here’s the important information you need to know.

1… If you want them in time for Christmas, we need to make them over the next couple of weeks. They’re ‘cold process’ soaps so they have time to ‘cure’.

2… We’re happy to take orders, however there’s a minimum purchase of 6 sets of the feet OR 6 hearts. There’s a reason for this…

3… They’re more a labour of love than something that’s a commercial line. If we were to charge fully for the time it takes to make these gorgeous things, and the amazingly lush ingredients we use, they’d be too expensive. So if you want them, seize this moment!

4… When we receive your order, we’ll email you to work out what you’re planning

  • Do you want hearts, feet, hearts, green, pink, yellow, brown, grey, suitable for babies, for runners’ feet, or with pumice or other preferences. While you can have a combination of feet and hearts, you can only choose one colours and one set of aromas. We’re happy to talk with you about this in person or on the phone, however it’s it’s important to have this confirmation in writing.
  • Other forms / shapes might be possible – let us know what you have in mind. We’ll see what we can do and whether there’s extra time to factor in.
  • If you would like your soaps gift boxed (eg as you can see in the photos) we can arrange that too, with an additional cost applying, depending on what you’d like. Talk with us and we can make it happen.

5… These soaps ARE special. Really special. So we don’t apologise for their price. They’re still insanely under-priced but hey, they’re gorgeous and this places smells SO AMAZING while we’re making them. It makes us happy.

6… This is a limited offer – get in fast because before too long we’ll switch from being our usual happy selves to being Soap Nazis. For the non-Seinfeld watches amongst us, that means NO SOAP FOR YOU 😉

So get in fast – whether you want some beautiful gifts up your sleeve for Christmas, some love hearts for Valentines Day, a surprise for a runner in your life or a gift for a baby due over the coming months, you need to order now!