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Student Self Care Special

$127.00 (inc GST)

These products comprise the perfect mix for students who want to care for their skin without breaking their budget. There’s enough to last you three months if you use them as recommended. A little goes a long way – being heavy handed doesn’t bring any additional benefit and just means you go through them faster than necessary.

This collection is particularly suited to people with oily or combination skin, or who have skin prone to breakouts. To be honest, this is what we’d also recommend for people who are experiencing adult acne, hormones going a bit crazy during pregnancy, or classic teen problem skin. While results will vary from person to person, it’s amazing to see how gorgeous your skin can become without using a single petrochemical.




Our philosophy is to work with skin rather than impose upon it, so you’ll soon discover everything is about being gentle and encouraging skin to gradually become more balanced and healthy.

Use regularly according to instructions, and see for yourself how the amazing organic ingredients in these products can help make a difference to your skin. By the way, we were featured on Today Tonight (Ch 7 Adelaide) in a segment on research being done at the University of South Australia on the use of essential oils for treating acne.

102 CLEAN Foaming Cleanser

The two key ingredients in 102 CLEAN for problematic skin are Rosalina & Lavender. Used by the Aboriginal people for thousands of years to effectively treat and clean cuts and wounds, Rosalina is the gentle cousin of Tea Tree oil, known for possessing many of the same antibacterial, antiseptic and astringent qualities properties. Lavender is a perfect complementary essential oil to Rosalina, as it helps to soothe and calm skin with anti-inflammatory benefits, whilst further cleansing and protecting the skin with powerful antibacterial elements.

403 REFINE Skin Conditioner

403 REFINE also contains essential oils and extracts from the Melaleuca family (the same family that Tea Tree and Rosalina come from).  Fabulous for their antibacterial and antiseptic advantages, this skin conditioner takes cleansing a step further in helping to control the appearance of breakouts and acne.

603 BALANCE Organic Jojoba

People often wonder why we recommend a product that looks and feels like oil for young people, when most young people have skin that’s oily, combination or prone to break-out. However, Jojoba is not an oil at all. It is a plant wax that’s liquid at room temperature that is known for its amazing capacity to balance skin’s natural oil production. Its structure is almost identical to our own skin’s sebum and works in a way that tricks oily skin into thinking it already has the correct amount of natural oil, and therefore helps to reduce further oil production. Jojoba is also celebrated for its smoothing and softening abilities.


3 samples of 302 DEEP Clarifying Mask (for treating yourself when the stress is getting to you)

302 DEEP provides a deep, purifying clean with astringent and antiseptic benefits, helping to stimulate the skin’s processes to remove impurities and toxins without interfering with the skin’s natural oils and pH balance. Made from sun-dried Australian green and ivory clays, this mask helps to thoroughly cleanse congested skin, whilst additional herbal extracts and essential oils play a part in soothing troublesome skin.

For details on how to use these products for best results, please look under the ‘Usage’ tab.


102 CLEAN Foaming Cleanser

Apply to DAMP skin. Use wet fingers to gently rub up into a silky foam, then rinse off with tepid water.

Usually, in chemical skincare products, the foam is created by a petrochemical and can be known to cause irritation and sensitivities. What gives 102 CLEAN its silky, foaming texture is are gentle carbohydrates derived from natural plant sugars that do no upset the skin’s natural pH balance. Skin is left gently cleansed without feeling “stripped” or like it is about to crack.

403 REFINE Skin Conditioner

Apply after cleansing, either spray over skin or soak a cotton pad and wipe over face to further cleanse and remove remaining impurities.

Our skin conditioners (which other people might refer to as ‘toners’) contain absolutely no alcohol or acetone, the ingredients that are typically known to make people feel like their skin is “dried out.” 403 REFINE instead nourishes their skin with moisturising properties found in Aloe Vera so the skin doesn’t go mad trying to regenerate all the oil that has just been stripped out.

603 BALANCE Organic Jojoba.

Apply all over face and into affected areas, directly after cleansing steps have been completed.


200 BUFF Marine Skin Polish (Recommended, but not included in this pack; for use once a week)

Apply to dry skin only. Do not mix with water and do not apply to wet skin. Rub completely into the skin until it disappears. Splash water onto the face and rub product back up to surface, then rinse with water and a face washer or cloth.

If you would like to add this into your routine, please call us on 0427 991 128 and we will include it in your package for just $50 instead of $60 (RRP).

302 DEEP Clarifying Mask (For use once-twice a month)

We have included enough to do three masks. Apply your mask directly after cleansing. Take one mask sample and mix with water in a small bowl. Apply with a brush or fingertips to face and neck areas. Leave until completely dry. Remove with plenty of tepid water and a cloth. For best results, do not use on the same day as 200 BUFF.