Men’s Essentials

$216.00 (inc GST)

Men’s Essentials features everything a man needs for great skin. Eliminate congested skin that looks dull and fatigued – instead you can look refreshed, feel amazing and exude energy. This collection includes 603 BALANCE Organic Jojoba, 102 CLEAN Foaming Cleanser, 403 REFINE Skincare Conditioner and 502 HYDRATE Antioxidant Moisturiser.



This collection contains all the skincare essentials for men.

603 BALANCE Organic Jojoba 

Known for a plethora of beneficial properties, 603 BALANCE Organic Jojoba is one of the most versatile products in our range. It has a multitude of uses including as a gentle alternative to moisturiser or night treatment, a quick fix for dry hands and feet, as well as a treatment for dandruff and split ends. We include it in this collection for two main reasons: it’s a beautifully light night treatment for men to use each evening, plus it’s absolutely brilliant for softening stubble, a step that helps enhance ‘glide’ of the blade while shaving.

102 CLEAN Foaming Cleanser 

Featuring Rosalina, Lavender, Cypress and Nettle, this gentle yet effective foaming cleanser will help cleanse, tone and draw out impurities from the skin without stripping it of its protective oils. 102 CLEAN is also an effective, natural alternative to shaving cream, allowing your razor to glide effortlessly over the skin.

403 REFINE Skin Conditioner

403 REFINE Skin Conditioner combines antioxidant-rich Aloe Vera juice with carefully selected extracts and essential oils to help soothe the skin and remove the last traces of cleanser. Ingredients like Rosalina, Niaouli, Lemon Scented Tea Tree, Nettle and Bilberry are a source of antioxidants and provide anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and other benefits. Together they ensure this product does so much more than simply prepare it for moisturiser or other skin treatments.

502 HYDRATE Antioxidant Moisturiser

This moisturiser is brilliant for adding moisture and hydration without loading skin with unneeded oil. It features a range of antioxidant-rich extracts (such as Ginkgo biloba, Green Tea and Olive Leaf) to help counteract the effects of free radicals and other pollutants which cause cell damage. Use 502 HYDRATE each morning to help to keep skin nourished, hydrated and protected, leaving you with skin that feels soft and hydrated for hours.

TIP 1: A fabulous addition to this collection is 200 BUFF Marine Skin Polish. Containing a brilliant brown seaweed extract, this microbead-free exfoliator is gentle yet effective. While helping to wash away that fatigued, dull look and give skin that wonderful super-clean feeling, it helps detoxify the skin’s cells and helps purify, vitalise and brighten complexion. Use 200 BUFF Marine Skin Polish twice each week: your skin will look fabulous and you’ll love the energising, foresty-aroma of Cedar Atlas and Cypress. Altogether amazing!

TIP 2: While the 603 BALANCE is fabulous to use at night instead of a moisturiser, if you’re one of those men with very dry, flaky skin, you might benefit from using 601 NOURISH at night instead. It’s a fine luxurious oil that does not clog pores, but instead provides beautifully lush, restorative and protective ingredients to help get (and keep) your skin in great condition.