602 RESTORE Hydrating & Firming Treatment Gel

$77.00 (inc GST)

This brilliant treatment gel features extracts of three Australian native plants (Kadadu Plum, Flame Tree and ‘Sneezeweed’) that are incredibly rich in protective antioxidants while also providing anti-inflammatory, healing and calming benefits. Hibiscus seed extract tightens while Aloe provides lush moisture to keep skin looking and feeling fresh and hydrated. With the added decadence of our signature ingredient Bulgarian Rose Otto, this product will help your skin look its most gorgeous best.



We’ve been trialling a beautiful new product called “602 RESTORE Hydrating and Firming Treatment Gel”.

The feedback so far has been extraordinary!

Love it! Great for wind-chapped skin and reducing that tight and dry winter feeling.

I am loving it. It has been helping with puffiness around my under eyes which – given I have had a migraine over the past few days – is close to a miracle.

I have been giving it a go and really like it. Skin feels better and bags under eyes reduced… Bags? What bags?! 🙂

I seriously love it! I’ve had people compliment me on how radiant I look – definitely a keeper!

I have been using it daily when I get home from work after I take my make up off then put the oil on top about 2 hours later. It’s giving me a nice firm feel but not that overly tight, dry stretch that you get with some products.

Used the RESTORE last night for the first time (love) and got to thinking it might be useful as a primer during the day ….. Tried it loved it!!! Make up went on super smooth and felt I didn’t need as much as usual – lasted well through the day and skin not feeling a bit meh as usually happens when it comes off… Awesome product – can’t rave enough about this little wonder!

I noticed my makeup went on much smoother this morning, just from using Restore last night 👍. It’s also been great at reducing my dark under-eye circles!

I have been using the 602 RESTORE each morning with a couple of drops of 601NOURISH over the top. Being winter I tend to have hotter showers and sitting in the car with the heater blasting onto my hands and face in the morning, I have noticed my skin is dry all over. But since using this combo I have noticed in the last week that my skin feels and looks much more hydrated, I have also been giving my hands, legs and arms a good slathering of 700 SOFT Hand & Body Lotion after my morning shower.

The skin on my nose was peeling off – literally – due to my awful cold. I started using the gel to try it out and the surprise benefit was that the skin on my nose calmed right down overnight and already it looks great. I really wasn’t expecting that!

With all this amazing feedback, the question I put to the group was this: How on earth do I summarise all this and turn it into uncomplicated instructions?

This was the immediate response:  “Use it whenever you want to feel amazing!”

This lush treatment features decadent Certified Organic Bulgarian Rose Otto essential oil, our signature ingredient and the world’s best anti-age ingredients. Bliss!

Hibiscus Seed Extract is included for its tightening and firming properties – it’s sometimes referred to as the No-tox Botox because of its smoothing effect (though it doesn’t paralyse the face the way that Botox sometimes does).

We have added three AMAZING extracts from Australian native plants. One is Flame Tree extract (yes like the Cold Chisel song), Kakadu Plum and the other is Centipeda cunninghamii extract (also known as Sneezeweed or Old Man’s Weed). These are all incredibly rich in antioxidants.

Flame Tree extract contains plenty of Lutein, which is said to be particularly good for tired eyes and dark circles, so if you’re worried about looking a little haggard lately, you are going to LOVE this product!

Kakadu Plum is the fruit with the highest concentration of Vitamin C, which is essential to make Pro-Collagen, which is then used to synthesise Collagen in your skin.

Centipeda cunninghamii is incredibly soothing and healing and it’s been found rather beneficial for conditions such as psoriasis. This is the perfect addition for those of us who have sensitive skin.

All of these ingredients are combined together in a beautifully moisturising Certified Organic Aloe Vera gel and the result is simply divine!