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Winter Essentials

$163.00 $150.00 (inc GST)

Winter is here – and we have exactly what you need to help your skin look gorgeous despite the harsh weather, blasting heaters, too-hot showers and other attacks. These three fabulous products will keep your skin looking and feeling healthy and hydrated. *Don’t forget, this comes with free express shipping in Australia – order this today, for most locations your products will arrive tomorrow!


These products are perfect for skin that’s suffering from our harsh, drying winter weather.

… Place a drop of 603 BALANCE Organic Jojoba on your finger tip and massage into your nail-beds and the surrounding skin. This is great for helping to prevent chapped hands and painful hang nails. Follow with a half-pump of 700 SOFT so your hands aren’t left feeling slippery.

… If you’re particularly prone to chapping, instead of using 603 BALANCE, use 601 NOURISH Luxury Treatment. This is being decadent (it’s our exquisite night treatment) however the combination of 601 NOURISH with 700 SOFT means you’re getting a double hit of Myrrh, which is exactly what you need.

… Similarly, you can use either of these combinations on your lips too. While you wouldn’t normally use 700 SOFT on your lips, the cocoa butter and shea nut butter are wonderful for protecting your lips from harsh winds, artificial heating and other challenges of the season.

… You can also use a drop of 603 BALANCE on your heels, toenails, elbows and the ends of your hair. It’s magic!

… Don’t forget to moisturise your legs and feet with 700 SOFT even though you’re more covered up during the cold weather. Your skin deserves it, you deserve it. We’ll pop some pumice in with your order too, to help smooth away that rough skin on your heels too!

This collection together is an absolute winter wonder. PERFECT.

Please note: as announced on the Y natural Facebook page on 14 June 2018, the special up-sized 700 SOFT have now sold out, so we’re back to our regular sized bottles. Sorry if you missed out! We’ll have more specials soon xo