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This is for the people who’ve been contacting us because their hands are getting painful, with cracked, irritated skin, hang-nails, rough patches and/or weakened nails. All this hand washing is wreaking havoc with everyone! For best results, please follow the instructions (below) to use your 703 SOFT and 603 BALANCE. Note, we have free delivery for orders over $100, so if you’re self-isolating and interested in a little something to help elevate your spirits, try our ESSENTIAL Mask set with a wonderful cleansing mask and beautifully hydrating aloe gel mask. You’ll be glad you did!


As often as is practical, after washing your hands, rub in a drop or two of Y natural’s 603 BALANCE. Massage well into your finger tips, nail beds and the side of your nails where hang-nails are prone to forming. If you have rough, dry patches on your hands, or cracks, or new scars, these would probably benefit from a few seconds of attention as well.

Follow this by massaging in a couple of pumps of 700 SOFT Hand & Body Lotion. Really work it in. By doing this step AFTER the 603 BALANCE, you’ll notice that although your hands are definitely moisturised, your hands aren’t left slippery. There’ll just be smooth skin and a gentle waft of grapefruit, rose and chocolate to make you feel good…

Unlike most moisturisers on the market, our moisturisers are completely free of ingredients like isoparaffin, mineral oil, cyclomethicone and dimethicone – oils that sit on the skin and make it feel a little ‘damp’. Those chemicals trick you into thinking your skin has been properly nourished and moisturised, but in fact you’re gradually dehydrating it. This is why, when you get out of the shower, the first thing you want to do is slap on more lotion. If your skin were properly nourished, it would gradually improve and you’d notice a real difference. The sort of difference you’re going to love seeing SOON with your Y natural! Go ahead – you won’t be sorry!

TIP: if by chance you use our 601 NOURISH as your night treatment, please be sure to rub your finger tips together to massage the last traces into your finger tips and nailbeds. Don’t waste even a fraction of a drop – it’s too good!


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