Y Essentials 01

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The Y Essentials 01 Package features all the go-to everyday products for those with a dry, dehydrated or mature skin profile as well as those with a focus on anti-aging including the 101 LUXURY Cleansing Lotion, 400 GRACE Organic Skin Conditioner, 501 PROTECT Anti-Age Moisturiser and the 601 NOURISH Luxury Treatment.


The Y Essentials 01 Collection consists of the following products:

101 LUXURY Cleansing Lotion

Combining some of the most decadent oils and herbal/floral extracts in the world, Y natural’s 101 LUXURY Cleansing Lotion is the embodiment of, you guessed it…luxury! This product may help to soothe dry and/or irritated skin whilst also reducing the appearance of red blood vessels and broken capillaries.

400 GRACE Organic Skin Conditioner

Featuring Bulgarian Rose Otto, Calendula, Chamomile and other ingredients lauded for their many skin benefits, the 400 GRACE Organic Skin Conditioner is a real upgrade from your old-fashioned toner. Suitable for all ages and most skin types, 400 GRACE soothes the skin whilst also providing it with extra moisture and essential vitamins.

501 PROTECT Anti-Age Moisturiser 

Containing potent antioxidants (ginkgo Biloba, green tea, olive leaf and rosemary leaf) which help ward off free radicals and other pollutants that cause cell damage as well as premature ageing, this revitalising moisturiser nourishes, hydrates and protects. Leaving the skin feeling moist and soft for hours.

601 NOURISH Luxury Treatment 

Made from an assortment of decadent oils including, Bulgarian Rose Otto, Organic Jojoba and Evening Primrose which are high antioxidants and essential fatty acids. This Y natural product is the epitome of LUXE! Intended as a night treatment, 601 NOURISH will help protect and fortify the skin where cell growth has slowed, 601 NOURISH may also help replenish sebum levels and provide the skin with an array of essential vitamins and minerals.


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