Y Essentials 02

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ESSENTIALS 02 features all the go-to everyday products for those with a normal, oily or combination skin profile including our 102 CLEAN Foaming Cleanser, 403 REFINE Organic Skin Conditioner, 502 HYDRATE Antioxidant Moisturiser and our 601 NOURISH Luxury Treatment.


The Y Essentials 02 Collection features the following products:

102 CLEAN Foaming Cleanser

Made with Rosalina hydrosol, lavender essential oil and lemon-scented tea tree oil, this gentle yet effective foaming cleanser will help tone and draw out any impurities from the skin without stripping it of its protective oils.

403 REFINE Organic Skin Conditioner

The mother of all toners, 403 REFINE Organic Skin Conditioner uses carefully selected natural ingredients including Certified Organic Rosalina, Niaouli and Lemon Scented Tea Tree oils to help cleanse, soothe and allow the skin to achieve to best results from moisturisers and other skin treatments.

502 HYDRATE Antioxidant Moisturiser 

Made from a range of natural ingredients known for their potent antioxidants, the 502 HYDRATE Antioxidant Moisturiser helps to keep the skin nourished, hydrated and protected, leaving you with a soft and moist complexion for hours.

601 NOURISH Luxury Treatment 

Made from an assortment of decadent oils including, Bulgarian Rose Otto, Organic Jojoba and Evening Primrose which are high antioxidants and essential fatty acids. This Y natural product is the epitome of LUXE! Intended as a night treatment, 601 NOURISH will help protect and fortify the skin where cell growth has slowed, 601 NOURISH may also help replenish sebum levels and provide the skin with an array of essential vitamins and minerals.


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