Crazy how this year has flown, with all sorts of highs and lows along the way. For Y natural it marked ten years since the three founders since  we created our brand and held our initial focus groups before settling upon what would be in the range that we would take to the world. In some ways it feels a hundred years ago, not just ten, and in other ways it feels like just yesterday…

I’m a bit of a milestone person and thoroughly enjoy the prospect of new beginnings, kissing goodbye to the old and welcoming the new. Given that ten years warrants something a bit more significant than a nod of acknowledgment, we’re going to launch something a little more special. Something to celebrate, that recognises achievements and looks forward to what comes next.

The hub for this will be a special private group on Facebook – I am not going to say too much about it just yet, other than to say it is by invitation only. Ultimately we reserve the right to decide who is part of the group – you know the drill.

One criterion for being part of the group is that you’re a current customer of Y natural. We know who buys from us direct, but if you buy from one of our fabulous salons, please be sure to drop us a line to or a message to our FB page so that we know you’re interested, including your contact details and where you get your products. There are other criteria too though, just so you know… If added, you’re welcome to opt out, of course. But we suspect you’ll decide you like the benefits and will want to stay!

Must go – we have a lot to do to have everything ready for our launch!

Barbara xx

PS Thanks to David G. Hunt for his beautiful photograph! My favourite pic of the year – simply stunning.

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