Luckily, we’re not the sort to panic in the face of a challenge, because 2020 sure does love to dish them out!

Like many businesses in Australia, we’re really feeling the double-whammy of the disruption from fires and now, with the Coronavirus crisis, we’re looking to our wonderful Y natural family and friends to continue their strong support of Y natural as we adapt to the new circumstances.

As a first step, we have created five new ‘Collections’ to help make it easy for you to know what’s right for you, and to get what you need by just selecting one item, instead of having to work through the full list of individual products. Don’t forget, if things are all overwhelming at the moment and even reading this email is too much for you, please feel welcome to simply call and we’ll help you over the phone so that your Y natural experience is completely stress-free.

Each of these Collections includes a complimentary bottle of our fabulous 700 SOFT Hand & Body Lotion RRP $58, chosen to counter the effects of all the handwashing we have to do. Incidentally, each evening, massaging in a little 601 NOURISH or 603 BALANCE into your nail beds will also be helpful.

One of the packages even has both 700 SOFT ($58) and 200 BUFF Marine Skin Polish ($60) as our gift to you. We do so very much love to treat you!

Here they are! The way to choose is:

ESSENTIALS01. This is for skin profiles that tend to be dry, dehydrated and/or mature skin. This is a routine for the minimalists amongst us, with nourishing, hydrating products to help your skin look healthy and gorgeous with no extra fuss. If this suits your skin profile but you really love all the extra treats and find skincare enjoyable and therapeutic, you might prefer to try our EXQUISITE package.

ESSENTIALS02. This is for skin profiles that are normal to oily or combination but still includes our nourishing, rich night treatment. This too is a simple routine. If your skin is so oily that a rich night serum may be ‘too much’ for your skin, try ESSENTIALS03 instead. If your skin tends to have blemishes or breakouts, try ESSENTIALS04 instead.

ESSENTIALS03. Do you have oily or combination skin, and although it doesn’t really need a rich night serum, it’s quite good overall and doesn’t tend to break out? This simple routine is for you!

ESSENTIALS04. Is your skin prone to breakouts? Is it a bit congested? Do you have blackheads, whiteheads and/or milia? Then this is exactly what you need to help balance and clarify your skin. Once your skin is clear again, you can revert back to ESSENTIALS03 for as long as you like, until you feel you’re ready to introduce our lovely, decadent 601 NOURISH night serum (ie at this point you would choose ESSENTIALS01 or ESSENTIALS02).

EXQUISITE. This is for you if you Want It All and absolutely love treating yourself to masks and treatments and all sorts of decadence! The Collection here is for skin profiles that tend to be dry, dehydrated and/or mature, however, we can adapt this very easily if your skin is normal, oily or a combination. Just include a note at the time of purchase and we’ll make sure you get the mix that is perfect for you.

It’s that easy!

Of course, you might also like to become part of our Circle – our inner circle, our circle of special friends. To do this, look here to arrange a year’s supply of Y natural (in 4 deliveries) or here if you’d like an interest-free instalment plan.

Hope you love your Y natural when it arrives. You can be 100% sure that it was made and sent to you with a whole lot of love and care.

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