Social distancing is crucial in combatting the spread of COVID-19 and effectively flattening the curve. However, whilst, it does feel good to be vigilant and do our part to help humankind, it can make you a little stir crazy and put a major dampener on your mood.

Self-care is an excellent way to make to most of the social distancing, as it not only momentarily takes your mind off of the uncertainty we are experiencing but it will also keep your mental health in check.

Here are some ideas on how to keep up your self-care whilst social distancing…

Start a reading list

Momentarily take your mind off of things by transporting yourself into the fictional worlds of some of the greatest literary works out there. Alternatively, use this time to learn and grow as an individual with the many great non-fiction books out there. With eBooks available on many platforms and devices, you don’t even have to venture to your nearest bookshop.

Practice Yoga

Keep in tune with your body and strengthen your core by channelling your inner yogi. Science suggests that Yoga may help reduce stress, relieve anxiety, improve sleep quality, increase strength, flexibility as well as balance and even improve heart health. With there being no shortage of demonstration videos online and many local studios offering live-streamed classes, Yoga can help keep your mental and physical health in check during self-isolation.

Listen to podcasts

Take a break from the continuous 24-hour news cycle by tuning in to a podcast or two. Whether it’s a true crime, self-help, popular culture or wellness podcasts that tickle your fancy, there is definitely no shortage a good podcast series to indulge in during this time. Podcasts are also a great way to get through mundane chores such as cooking and washing the dishes.

Give yourself a facial

With beauty businesses shutting up shop so that they can adhere to the government’s latest guidelines, this is an optimal time to give yourself a facial. We recommend trying out our 301 GENTLE Rose Otto and Hibiscus or our 302 DEEP Clarifying Masks which are made from an array of fabulous natural oils and botanicals that will help strengthen, soothe and rejuvenate the skin. So get into your comfies, pour yourself a glass of wine and get ready to pamper yourself with your very own at-home spa.

Keep up your skincare routine

Provide yourself with a little normalcy by keeping up with your skincare routine during this crazy time. Our new packages, ESSENTIALS 01, ESSENTIALS 02, ESSENTIALS 03 and ESSENTIALS 04 are perfect for this. Featuring the go-to products for each skin profile, you’ll even receive a complimentary bottle of our 700 SOFT Hand & Body Lotion to help give your hands a little love with all the extra handwashing. There is also an EXQUISITE collection for those who feel like spoiling themselves with it all during this time. Discover the collection and find out which package is best for you here.

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