Courage is not the lack of fear. It is acting in spite of it.
~ Mark Twain.

We’ve seen a lot of courage this week. From the amazing people fighting fires. The people who’ve lost so much. Those who are waiting. The journalists. The volunteers.

We salute you.

On Kangaroo Island, Y natural is teaming with Seaside Beauty to help those who have lost their homes or been displaced.

If you know someone who lost their home, please let them know they can get in touch with Mandy Johnson at Seaside Beauty (tel 0428 282 464 or in person at 68 Dauncy St, Kingscote) and she will arrange a skincare care package for them.

Collections is from Seaside Beauty or if they’ve come over to the mainland while they work out their next steps, they can collect their care package from Y natural (by appointment at 2 Durham St, Glenelg, tel 0427 991 128) but they must contact Mandy first.

Mandy is also offering some skin TLC for those who have been fighting the fires. Please contact her if you’ve been on the front-line and welcome the chance for a beautiful deep cleanse and hydrating treatment. An hour with Mandy working her magic might be just the escape you need… Trust me, she is GREAT!

For more details, please keep an eye on Seaside Beauty’s Facebook page – or call, or visit in person. You’ll be given a warm welcome! And thank you, from us and many others.

PS Photo: I snapped this giant yakka just near the Flinders Chase Visitor Centre a while back.


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