South Australia has been hit very hard by the fires, with the Kangaroo Island fires and Cudlee Creek fire in the Adelaide Hills. Here’s how Y natural is helping and how you can help too.

Y natural has donated $10,000 of products to help people on Kangaroo Island who have lost their homes or have been displaced. We hope this is one small thing that gives them a moment of feeling cared for when everything seems so grim.

This is happening with the tireless help of Mandy at Seaside Beauty. I spoke with her today, and interrupted her emptying a shed so that fire victims can use it. And no doubt, when that’s done, she’ll be off doing something else to help people in need.

The downside is that her business has had a hammering lately, not only from the fires but with a death in the family not so long ago. Yet there she is, pitching in to help others; meanwhile her business is closed and she doesn’t have an online shop to at least bring in a few sales.

So we’re helping! If you’d like to help Seaside Beauty, you can buy Y natural products through the Y natural online shop with the code KIFIRE at checkout.

Your purchase will help Seaside Beauty during this crisis. She’ll get the proceeds as if it’s her own online shop. Y natural will send out the orders on her behalf, since she’s busy out helping people.

And so you know what you’re buying – Y natural is Australian Certified Organic skincare, total luxury featuring finest ingredients, some of which cost more per gram than gold. Y natural is also Certified Cruelty Free & free of animal ingredients. 100% SA owned, 100% SA made.

Also, you might have seen this beautiful clip of koalas being rescued. Micah works at Seaside Beauty too. In supporting Seaside Beauty, you’re also helping thank Micah for the great work he’s doing to save koalas. He’s shy though – please respect his privacy, don’t try to contact him about his clip, just enjoy it and be happy for the koalas.

Thank you again from Seaside Beauty, and thank you also from Y natural for helping us to help more people. You’re helping make a difference!

PLEASE NOTE Our donation to Kangaroo Island was an outright donation, not funded as part of a promotion. With your help, we can do more.

You can help us help more people by buying Y natural to donate using SAFIRE at checkout & we will match your donation. Just choose products that total the amount you want to donate. The extra care packages will go to people who lost their homes in the Cudlee Creek Fire in the Adelaide Hills.

To recap:

Please use KIFIRE at checkout to purchase Y natural products (which will get sent to you) with proceeds of sales going to Seaside Beauty.

Please use SAFIRE at checkout to donate products for care packages for people who lost their homes in the Cudlee Creek fire. We will match your donation.

Thank you!

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