As exciting and relaxing as the prospect travel can be, it can also be pretty tiring. Whilst long days, long-haul flights and jet-lag tire you out. Germy flights, excessive alcohol and eating out every night can take your body on a chaotic trip of its own. Here four self-care tips for when you are travelling…

Stay Hydrated 

The air you breathe in an airplane cabin comes from the outside, which at that altitude has very little moisture. This means that sitting in a pressurised cabin for long-haul flights can have you feeling very dehydrated. You should, therefore, aim to drink as much water as possible or even bring along electrolyte supplements such as ‘Hydrolyte’ to replace the electrolytes you may have lost during your flight due to dehydration. Staying hydrated should also be a priority when you are at your destination, especially if you are travelling somewhere hot or humid and if you plan on drinking, as alcohol also dehydrates you.

Don’t Neglect Your Skin

Holidays are all about indulging, as you’re likely eating out and drinking more than you normally do. This means when in holiday mode, you may get into some unhealthy habits. It is important not to neglect your skincare routine when travelling, especially if you are drinking alcohol or eating at restaurants with food high in sodium, salt, and sugar. All of which can be bad for your skin when consumed excessively. A skincare routine is also important for long-haul flights, as you and your skin will likely get dehydrated from the pressurised cabin. Products you could bring in your carry-on include, our 502 HYDRATE antioxidant moisturiser: as the skin can get dry during flights, our 400 GRACE organic skin conditioner spray that hydrates and refreshes the skin during long-haul flights. You could also bring our 403 REFINE skin conditioner spray that is ideal for with problem skin that prone, in order to combat all the pollutants from bad habits which could cause breakouts when travelling.

Exercise Good Hygiene 

Hygiene is one thing that should never be neglected when travelling, as planes are germ havens. Evident with how many people tend to catch colds and other nasty bugs and viruses when travelling. When on planes, make sure you never walk around barefoot and wash your hands thoroughly with soap when using the restrooms. Hand-sanitiser is a great travel companion.  Make sure you wipe down all tray tables and handles with wipes, also make sure you apply hand-sanitiser before you eat. Exercising good hygiene whilst travelling could also help to prevent illness.

Try and Get Some Shut-Eye

With all the distractions and limited space, sleeping on planes can sometimes feel impossible. Getting some shut-eye on a long-haul flight may not only help you feel slightly more refreshed when you arrive at your destination, but it may also help aid the effects of jet-lag. To help you sleep, consider investing in an eye mask as well as earplugs to block out sound and awful fluorescent lighting on airplanes. You could also invest in our 700 SOFT Hand and Body lotion, a soothing lotion that contains Y natural’s signature ingredient. Bulgarian Rose Otto, has many benefits, including the potential to be quite calming.

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