Y combines the luxury normally associated with prestige European brands with the latest knowledge about health and science in a range that stands alone. It takes natural and organic into the 21st Century, with luxurious skincare and haircare that really works and is not compromised by the presence of questionable chemicals.

Bulgarian Rose Otto is Y’s signature ingredient – moisturising, healing, regenerative and long recognised as the essential oil that is the single-most beneficial for skin. It’s very expensive, requiring steam distillation of up to five tons of fresh, dawn-harvested certified organic rose petals to make just one litre of this precious oil.

Y contains many other ingredients that have been known for thousands of years for their natural skin benefits. For example, since ancient times, Frankincense has been highly prized, used as a tonic in rejuvenating masks and in facial oils to protect and fortify ageing skin. Similarly, Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha) has long been used for its healing, soothing and restoring action as treatment for chapped and cracked skin. Rosalina and other members of the Myrtaceae (Tea Tree family) have been used by Aboriginal people for traditional medicines since ancient times.

For more on what is in Y skincare and haircare, see What’s In Y?.

Y products have nothing to hide. They contain no silicone ingredients and definitely no petrochemical ingredients, synthetic alcohols, paraben-based preservatives or artificial colours or fragrances. We refuse to use ingredients that have been part of a petrochemical process, including solvent extracted oils (such as jasmine and frangipani) and ethoxylated “plant-derived” ingredients (such as coco-betaine and emulsifying wax). We use no chemical fillers, plasticisers, texture enhancers or other synthetics. Y products contain no nanoparticles.

For more on what is not in Y skin care and haircare, see Whats NOT in Y?

Y natural is 100% Australian made and 100% Australian owned.

Y natural is Australian Certified Organic Processor 10995P.  ACO is widely regarded as having the most stringent standards of all certifying bodies, and unlike other popular certifications such as Ecocert, ACO does not allow ANY petrochemicals or synthetics in products.  So we don’t call our products organic and hide inconvenient detail from you – with ACO certification, you know our products are truly organic.

Y has been accredited by Choose Cruelty Free Limited as a cruelty-free company. Y products contain no animal products and are not tested on animals. All products are suitable for vegans.

Y natural is not a single-issue company.  We intend to be ethical in every way – treating all people with respect and caring for our planet.  We constantly undertake programs for R&D and continuous improvement and intend to be the company that sets the highest ethical standards in the world. We use ingredients from ethical sources and refuse to use ingredients that come from activities that compromise the habitats of endangered species such as orang-utans.

But that’s just the start. Y natural does its best to make crystal clear what Y is and what Y isn’t. But don’t just take our word for it. See our growing collection of accreditations, certifications and affiliations.