One of the best gifts you can give your skin is to use products that are free of toxic chemicals. That’s why we at Y natural have worked hard to create luxurious skin and hair products free of the kind of ingredients that are commonly found elsewhere: we want to raise the bar for purity in our industry.

Many ingredients routinely used in skincare products are of questionable safety.  Twenty years ago, the skin was thought to be a barrier to chemicals entering the body but these days, we know things get in – hence the use of nicotine patches, hormone patches and analgesic patches.

The legal framework surrounding skincare hasn’t caught up, and the testing of things that get into your body via your skin is not as stringent as the testing of things that you eat.

That’s why Y natural products contain no silicone or petrochemical ingredients, synthetic alcohols or artificial colours or fragrances.  Our products contain no ethoxylated ingredients, including common “plant-derived” ethoxylated ingredients in emulsifying waxes. Our products are free of harsh surfactants and foam boosters including sodium lauryl sulphate, aluminium laureth sulphate and coco betaine, and contain no chemical fillers, plasticisers, texture enhancers or other harmful chemicals.

Where necessary, Y natural products are preserved using the most gentle and natural methods available.  We do not use parabens or other harsh chemicals.  We do not use preserving systems based on alcohol (such as synthetic ethanol or sugar cane ethanol).  For any individual product, the full details of the preserving system used (if one has been used) are found on that product’s information sheet.

Confirming Y natural as the company setting the standards for pure, natural and clean ingredients is the fact that we will not even use oils that have been extracted using a chemical solvent (such as Jasmine, Frangipani and most Rose Oils).  Our oils are extracted through cold pressing or using steam.

We also use no animal products, either as an ingredient or as part of the manufacturing process. So Y natural is ideal if you have a sensitivity to a particular animal product, or if you wish to use luxurious skin care that’s cruelty free.