Products gentle enough for you baby.

We often get asked about baby products because so many people are concerned about the chemicals they apply to their baby’s delicate skin.  This concern is well-placed.  Many baby products are highly chemical and prone to causing skin irritations or worse.  Even if a product is natural, you need to know that the essential oils within the product are safe to use on your babies and infants.

The products we recommend for use on babies and infants are:

Remember that you won’t need to use much – Y products don’t contain fillers and extenders, so a little goes a long way.


    • 102 CLEAN Foaming Cleanser is perfect for baby’s skin as it contains no harsh chemicals and has a gentle pH similar to baby’s skin.  Avoid getting it in baby’s eyes as it will sting.
    • Please note that you should avoid using baby shampoos or other similar products that claim to be so gentle that they won’t cause tears. These are formulated to an alkaline pH to match the pH of eyes (which are slightly alkaline).  While they may be gentle on the eyes, they are harsh on baby’s scalp, hair and skin (which are all slightly acidic).
    • 400 GRACE Organic Skin Conditioner is made from all natural, certified organic hydrosols with no acetone, alcohol, preservatives or synthetic fragrance. Organic hydrosols are pure by-products from the extraction process of essential oils and are usually collected as condensation during the steam distillation of the essential oil.  Hydrosols retain some of the components (and beneficial properties) of the essential oil yet, being delicate in nature, hydrosols are gentle enough to be applied directly to the skin, even the skin of babies.
    • 603 BALANCE is 100% Certified Organic Jojoba.  Because jojoba is very similar to our skin’s sebum, it is readily accepted by the skin.  Jojoba has healing properties as well as excellent moisturising properties for the skin, hair and cuticles, leaving them soft, smooth and supple.


    • Use 102 CLEAN Foaming Cleanser as a gentle but effective baby wash.  A little goes a long way – you don’t need to apply directly to baby’s head.  Just a few drops in baby’s bathwater will be sufficient for bathing baby and washing the hair as well.
    • Lightly misting 400 GRACE Organic Skin Conditioner over baby cools and soothes after bathing is complete, particularly on hot or sticky days – and mist lightly onto mum’s face any time to refresh and hydrate the skin and to calm and uplift the psyche!
    • Gently massage in a little 603 BALANCE Certified Organic Jojoba into baby’s scalp to maintain a healthy scalp and assist with preventing cradle cap.


    • Use 400 GRACE Organic Skin Conditioner as a spray for your baby.  Spray onto baby’s bottom after the skin is cleaned during a nappy change to soothe, hydrate and condition the skin.
    • When changing nappies, instead of rubbing chemicalised baby wipes across your baby’s sensitive skin, use a soft, fine cloth or cotton wool with 603 BALANCE Certified Organic Jojoba.


(Cradle cap is a skin condition that sometimes develops in babies at about three months of age. It results from over-production of seborrhea (sebum) and an excessive build up of “scales” or lumps of dead cells that stick to baby’s scalp. The scalp becomes red, scaly, crusty and uncomfortable.)

    • Gently massage 603 BALANCE Certified Organic Jojoba into baby’s scalp before bath time.  Reapply if it is all absorbed into scalp and then leave on for at least half an hour.
    • Bathe baby (and baby’s hair) using Y natural’s gentle 102 CLEAN Foaming Cleanser as per directions above.  Towel dry.
    • Then using a soft baby brush, brush the scalp to help lift off the scales.
    • Finish by reapplying a little 603 BALANCE Certified Organic Jojoba to baby’s scalp, as this will continue to soften and dissolve the cradle cap between shampoos.  It may take several treatments over several weeks to clear all the scales, so don’t try to lift off resistant cradle cap all at once.
    • Repeat regularly until condition has cleared.
    • To maintain a healthy scalp apply a little 603 BALANCE Certified Organic Jojoba to baby’s scalp after each shampoo.


    • Use 603 BALANCE Certified Organic Jojoba as a gentle and 100% natural oil to assist the many benefits of baby massage.