Y natural’s new über organic shampoo, conditioner and treatment herald a new era in haircare.

Unlike other so-called natural hair products, this range is 100% free of petrochemicals and synthetic chemicals.  There are fundamental differences to the way our products are made – this is not a cynical swapping of one well-known chemical for another lesser-known chemical.

At present the range is a simple core range of essentials, each jam-packed with beautiful ingredients that nourish and care for your hair and scalp, and well suited to most hair types and conditions.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about whether it is right for you.


Note that the amount of lather does not relate to the cleansing ability of this shampoo – Y natural haircare really is completely different to anything you’ve seen before. This means it is important to follow the instructions as there are a few things you’ll need to do a little differently.

    • Brush hair using a soft to medium bristle brush – this helps remove any tangles and styling products that may be on the hair. It also loosens any dry scales or dead cells on the scalp which can then be more effectively removed during the shampoo.
    • Thoroughly wet the hair – don’t squeeze out excess water from the hair before applying Y 1000 RADICAL shampoo, as it is activated by the water in the hair.
    • Pour the required amount of shampoo into palms, and spread evenly over hair and scalp. Quickly work through the hair and scalp, adding a little extra water to help spread and activate the shampoo.
    • Rinse and repeat using less shampoo. Ensure that all trace of shampoo is removed in the final rinse.


1100 RESPOND Adaptive Conditioner contains hair strengthening wheat peptides as well as Certified Organic oils, herbal extracts and essential oils to nourish and restore hair to silky, shiny and smooth condition. The non-GMO rapeseed-based detangling agent immediately softens the hair; allowing hair to untangle effortlessly. Even hair damaged by sun, sea or chlorine will untangle in seconds.

    • After shampooing, squeeze out excess moisture.
    • Apply conditioner onto palms of hands and spread evenly as required
    • Massage the conditioner into the hair and use fingers to “comb” it through.
    • Rinse thoroughly.