We use a secret code to help you find the right Y natural products for you.

Our skincare and haircare products are special because of the luscious ingredients we use, and because of the ingredients we refuse to use. The luscious textures, earthy aromas – everything about these products is wonderful, but most of all you will love the wonderful things these products do for your skin.

If you are keen to try Y natural products, the very best thing to do is come to Y natural for a facial. A 30 minute Y ESSENTIAL facial is perfect, or if you have a little more time to stop and enjoy some TLC, choose a 60 minute Y DEFINITIVE or 90 minute DELUXE facial instead.

The first time you come in to see us, we do a skin analysis so that we have the best chance to choose the products that are best suited to your skin plus the facial gives you the chance to experience how the products feel on your skin. In this way, you can be sure that the products are just right for you.

Alternatively, you could call us on 0427 991 128 and we will help you find the right products over the phone. We have two packs that are a fabulous introduction to Y natural if you are confident about whether your skin profile tends to be dry, mature or dehydrated, or if it tends to be normal, combination or oily.

If you like the idea of working out for yourself which products are right for you, then here are the details of the product codes. With this information, it’s easy to work out which products are right for you. Super-easy, actually!

Every product has a code number and a name that describes the product: for example, 501 PROTECT, 200 BUFF or 102 CLEAN.

The first clue from the code number is in the last two digits: these tell you the skin profiles for which the product is designed.

  • 00 – suitable for all skin profiles.
  • 01 – best suited to dry or mature skin profiles.
  • 02 – best for normal to oily skin profiles.
  • 03 – used to address problems or sensitivity.

The second clue comes from the start of the code.

  • 100 – series are cleansers.
  • 200 – series are skin polishes.
  • 300 – series are clay masks.
  • 400 – series are skin conditioners.
  • 500 – series are moisturisers.
  • 600 – series are special skin treatments.
  • 700 – series are body products.
  • 1000 – series are shampoos.
  • 1100 – series are hair conditioners.
  • 1200 – series are hair treatments.

So to return to the original examples:  501 PROTECT is a protective moisturiser for dry or mature skin, 200 BUFF is a skin polish suitable for any skin type and 102 CLEAN is a cleanser for normal to oily skin.

You can also check out the appropriate page for your skin type in this section – that will show you not just the products best suited to your skin, but also instructions for use in order to get the maximum benefit.

Don’t forget you are welcome to call us on 0427 991 128, email info@ynatural.com.au or visit Y natural, plus it is worth registering with us – it means we can send you interesting stuff and we promise that we will keep your details private and never, ever spam. We also have a blog and facebook page which both cover a whole of of news, product news, reviews, interviews and other stories.